Sydney LaFaire

Sydney LaFaire


We wondered of in the deep forests with Sydney LaFaire; actress and model, mother and lover. And a face you just can't forget... 

I try to plan for myself only a few things that I really need to do per day, if possible. I like to spend my free time in the moments as they come. I need a lot of  ’’ME’’ time and so I am pretty opportunistic in that I allow myself the space and time to choose freely to walk somewhere in the sunshine if I need to,  slowly enjoy the wind on my way there or stop and examine something if it catches my attention. In addition to that I am a model, an actress, a writer, a thinker, a healer, a great empathiser, the person who many friends come to for advice , mamma to a 7 year old fireball of creative energy and love & the lady of a wonderful filmmaker. In other words, I spend my time resourcefully.

My career began in my heart when I was ten years old on stage in my elementary school and I stayed on stage and got in front of the camera pretty much the entire time until graduating  from my high school’s center for the arts and completing an internship as a drama teacher. I did not really start getting paid for any of it until I was about 17 and then in 2008 I signed with my current agency after moving to Germany. I was an actress at heart but I needed an outlet which still let me pretend, play, act, whilst I travelled and went to college and whilst I learned to act in German... So I learned to model. Yes, there is a lot to be learned about modeling  and about yourself and others  whilst modeling. It is a pretty lonely and challenging career, despite what many people think. I am my own boss and therefore have had to learn to be an entrepreneur of sorts... which I never had aspired to be and my mind is it’s own biggest distraction, so there are daily challenges. Also there is the ever changing schedule of potential projects, unsuccessful and successful castings and 1st or 2nd or 3rd options all in the same week or day and that is not especially easy as a mother either. It is a very insecure way to make a living and you have to be willing to take criticism constantly (mostly from yourself) and also to change your lifestyle on demand. Maybe one month you worked too much and the next you will work none. So there is an inner balance I have to be aware of which is what keeps me focused.

I do a lot of introspection. What I learn there is what keeps me going. The things I am able to discover about myself I try and express in my work for everyone to interpret for themselves whether it is an art project or a huge commercial campaign. That and the loving support of my man and my best friends. The biggest goal I have for my future is one I have had since I was a little girl.... One day I will own a theater and out of that theater will come great change.

I nominate my dear friend Sanya Manzoor for the next series of Champions of Individuality.

Pictures done by the talented Sina Eslami, filmmaker, photographer and lover of Sydney.
Sydney is wearing the Maxiallary shirt and Lunate skirt in size S and Humerus dress in size M.
Sydney LaFaire

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