Maryse & Marijn

Maryse & Marijn


Meet the subtle activist duo with a dose of humor, Maryse Hazelet and Marijn de Haas. Both working as sustainability advisors in the banking sector and with a shared curiosity for sustainability in fashion. These two power ladies run, next to their busy careers, awareness campaigns that show consumers in a fun and bright way some of the ridiculous aspects of today’s fashion business.


What brought the two of you together to work on creating the video series on sustainability and what message do you feel is important to bring across?

Marijn: Our campaign is aimed at consumers and shows them our consumer behavior towards fashion in a funny and confronting way. For example; we show how strange it is that the average woman has 400 euro's of unworn clothes in their closet, or that fast fashion brands make clothes that only last 10 times. It is important that we do not push everyone to only buy sustainable fashion, we just want to open your eyes and let you think a little better before you buy your next fashion item.

Transparency and willingness to improve are key in this process. It is important to realize that you have to admit the problem first and then improve step by step. It is also important to improve within your own resources, a small company should never be pushed to invest a lot of money on sustainability. I am confident that everyone can build a responsible business within their own means.


So tell me, how ‘clean’ are your closets?

Maryse: With regard to fashion and sustainability, at a young age I already developed a big passion for fashion when I started to make my own clothes and adjusted them in a more fashionable way. Nowadays, I try to buy as many sustainable clothes as possible and you can find me often at the Ijhallen and various vintage stores. Buying good and inexpensive vintage/second hands clothes is kind of a sport to me. Friends often ask me how to buy in a sustainable manner, however, if I am honest this is still an ongoing process for me too.


What's the next project / adventure on your bucket list?

Marijn: The next adventure is finding a new project that follows our awareness campaign. For me, it is very important to focus on the campaign rights now, and the fun part of not planning the next goal is that if you work hard enough on your passion, and discuss this with a lot of people, the next awesome project will always come (sometimes unexpectedly).

Maryse: At the moment, we focus on Krijg de klere(n), however, we already brainstormed about many other great projects related to fashion, there is still enough to do in this sector. It’s important to spend time on these ‘passion projects’ where I make sustainability and other societal issues more relatable for consumers.


What's your morning ritual?

Marijn: During the week I wake up around 7, some days I go to a yogaclass at 7:30 and other days I just relax and have breakfast. I am very lucky to work in the city I live so I can ride my bike to work every morning, which is always a treat.

Maryse: I am one of those – happy - morning persons. I get up early, do some yoga and a short meditation and then I drink my tea and bowl of yoghurt to start the day in a very relaxing way.


Where can we find more information on your projects?

The campaign launched in April, from that date we will publish a little movie every two weeks. You can follow updates on the campaign and look at our ambassadors on Instagram and Facebook (see all info’s on

Maryse in Cherry Mash, Marijn in Snow-Maid. Pictures by Elisabeth de Vires.

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