A word on us

Why we do it

A dream born long time ago, a place far from home and the strong desire to live without concessions. These are the ingredients for the creation of Before 7 am.

Not just your ordinary clothing brand but a brand that creates positive change by empowering women to show their individuality, to (re)claim their style and create an exciting life. Because we believe that we make better and bolder decisions once we feel sincere about ourselves. Self expression matters a lot and for some of us fashion plays a vital role in this.

The one thing that bugged is though is that most of the fashion we’re wearing doesn’t share our philosophy. Yes it gives us that positive feeling of authenticity and empowerment but the way loads of the fashion is being created is costing a whole lot of trouble to our planet and the people making our stuff.

This brought us on a mission to offer women more meaningful fashion. Fashion that helps building lasting wardrobes that truly resemble our individual style and that reminds us of the better choices we can make everyday. Creating collections with a more sustainable character isn’t that hard if you really want it and looking good get’s just a whole lot more fun knowing no unnecessary compromises are being made.

How we do it

For the creation of our collections we rely mostly on spill textiles coming from European fashion designers and textile producers. We’re talking about truly amazing textiles that get a second life. This method of upcycling reclaimed textiles minimizes the negative environmental effects of new textile production and the excess creation of landfill cost by waste.

Another cool benefit of working with spill textiles is the fact that our production is limited to the amount of metres available of any textile we use. No mass items, no overproduction but exclusive collections.

Also in the design process we make conscious decisions. Our capsule collections consist out of strong pieces with timeless charm that have a versatile character. You’ll wear them in your signature way across seasons and time. We believe that in depth investments are (almost!) always the wiser thing to do, also when it’s concerning your wardrobe. Get creative and critical towards the items that make up your style.

All the above things we do together with a great network of partners that get selected based we on three factors: their expertise, their social and environmental compass and to restrict the negative impact from transportation, their location close to our homebase in Europe.

Don’t ever compromise your style, don’t compromise planet and people.

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