About Before 7am - fake collars and more – Before 7 am


We are strong, we are soft. We are child, we are woman. We are unapologetic, we are wacky.

We embrace our madness and depth, always swimming toward the light. We are not afraid of the spectrum, never stuck in one role. For we are fluid, like water, always in motion, light on our feet and quick to adapt.

Every morning we have a choice. We decide which parts of ourselves are going to show up, be there to serve us best for the course ahead. With Before 7am’s Add-on Fashion you can embellish and adorn yourself according to your mood or your day.

Think of our detachable collars as an extension to your existing wardrobe. They add signature to your look, style easily with your outfits and work in any season.  

We choose this name because to us the world before everyone wakes up, Before 7am, is a world of a different order where the rules and routines of the day are meaningless. It's the moment of clarity and determination. Seeing the world through our own eyes, leaving the biases behind.

Ethics and sustainability are the essence of the brand; we believe that it should be easier for us to be simultaneously stylish and mindful about the way we dress. Our pieces are produced fairly in Romania. All materials are specially selected for their established sustainable character.