Coulisse talk with Leandra – Before 7 am
Coulisse talk with Leandra

Coulisse talk with Leandra

Let me introduce fellow Berliner Leandra. By profession a model and actress and by conviction a minimalist, a citizen of the new world order.

Leandra is a remarkable beauty with a sexy voice.

I wanted to shoot with Leandra. I was intrigued by her strong general presence and her commitment to a more conscious way of living. Looks can be deceiving is what they say but in Leandra’s case this isn’t true. She is the confidence she radiates on the (moving) images, she has that soft edge that sometimes peaks through.

We played around with looks in vintage vibes, to Berlinesque street. I was eager to see Leandra in pink soft and feminine. We had to negotiate, I had to drop the pink shirt, it was too much, there are boundaries.

Follow Leandra’s work and life on @leandrahaupt and get an overview of her acting work.

First thing you do in the morning
I have a very fixed morning routine, starting with a shower, healthy breakfast (home baked pita bread and self made veggie spread / olives, nuts, figs ect) 2 cappuccini and watching a documentary meanwhile. I need all these components to properly wake up and I'll be grumpy if I won't get the time for my routine.

Languages you speak
German, English, French, Spanish, Turkish and Dutch. But I understand Italian, Portuguese and Danish as well.

Spirit animal
A panther or an eagle. I love the elegance and movements of wildcats but would love to be able to fly and free like a bird.

Source of inspiration
Museums, Films, other people. I can find creativity in almost everything once I open my eyes and mind for it.

Role you would love to get casted for
Obviously a Hollywood main cast. Set your goals high, you can only lose if you don't try at all.

Minimalist lifestyle, how do you do it?
I don't like owning many things as I feel they just enclose me by moving freely as I want. With possessions you automatically get more responsibility and also become more jealous and protective. I like to feel unattached to things as materialistic goods do not matter much for me.

Vintage or new
I prefer a mix of both. Vintage shopping is definitely more challenging, because it's more difficult but also more exciting to find a nice piece that fits me and doesn't cost much. The basics though I get new and also when I'm abroad I like to check out local shops.

Favourite way to style a collar
With jogging pants or a sporty casual outfit. I love mixing up styles and create contrast.

Leandra is wearing Hermione, Katniss and Juno




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