Chatting with Kim Gerlach – Before 7 am
Chatting with Kim Gerlach

Chatting with Kim Gerlach

I remember when I first saw Kim. It was during a female founders event where I really didn’t feel at home. I’m the queen of softness, but business talks quickly site tracked in, off topic mushy mushy discussions.

And then Kim came on stage to talk about the social enterprise she was growing, VinoKilo. A business that organises vintage shopping parties; racks full with great finds, loud techno and bubbles to celebrate your freshly scored pieces

Kim’s presentation snapped me out of the little tantrum that was building up inside of me. She was refreshing; a mix of subtle nonchalance, humor and intelligence. Her face turns from serious to cheeky in seconds and the words she speaks are clear.

I was curious to see what Kim would do if I ask her to put on a collar. Together with photographer Hanna Hempel she created a portrait series, honouring the awesome lady she is.


First thing you do in the morning: remember the latest dream, write all memories down and then kickstart the day with a shower and good breakfast. I’m training my ability to memorize my dreams in order to analyse patterns and deep emotions. And I also track my fertility early in the morning with a thermometer.

Morning or evening person: not too early in the morning, but a definite 8:45 person.

Favorite movie character: oh good question! I enjoy Amelie of the French movie from 2001. She’s odd, quirky, full of emotions and knowledge. She dares to simply be who she is.

Spirit animal: monkey. Playful, intelligent and courageous. Preferably a capuchin monk.

Source of inspiration: nature. I get excited about feeling small when facing phenomenal natural wonders. Such as the sky slowly turning pink while the sun slowly rests on the surface of the shimmery ocean.

Outside my poetic mind, it’s Instagram; a love hate relationship. I spend most of the time on my phone just scrolling and watching stories. But there are brilliant people out there. Like Tanya, Adey or Lamia just to mention some of my favorite local photographers at the moment.

Sustainable fashion, how do you do it? I generally buy quality slow fashion items that may be more expensive but longer lasting. Those I find on Instagram and influencers I follow. On top of that, we shouldn’t forget about vintage and second hand. They fill my need for color, trends and expression of identity.

Favorite way to style collars: the Leila collar makes many items feminine and soft. I loved combining it with rough materials to have some sort of contrast. If I’d own leather or animal print pants, I’d totally go for that!

Last words: the clothes you wear decide not only how others will perceive you, but also how you perceive yourself.

Kim lives in Malmo, Sweden where she works as a consultant and business coach. Kim is a known face in the European sustainable fashion scene and regularly posts about her unfolding journey to sustainable living and consuming on the blog

Kim Gerlach (, @kimgoeseko) by Hanna Hempel (

Kim is wearing Leia and Caleesi


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