Through the hands of many – Before 7 am
Through the hands of many

Through the hands of many


We humans have set up many of our systems in a centralised way; from feudal systems of kings and noblemen to modern government, corporations, the military. Someone at the top is always in control. In these systems power is distributed scarcely. It has to constantly be maintained, reinforced and fought over.

Isn’t it more desirable to have a system without any central control, a different authority where there’s a balanced distribution of power?

Decentralised systems can be found everywhere in nature. Ants colonies are one of those and provide us with a fascinating example of how things could be done differently.

There are about 10,000 species of ants and all ant colonies have in common that there’s no central control. Nobody tells anyone what to do, there’s no management, no ants directs the behaviour of any other ant. Ants are social insects and organise themselves by following the formula of a complex decentralized system where everyone is working on their individual tasks but as a collective they work together to make their colony strive and survive.

We want to propose a new order, a world in which power flows through the hands of each individual and to end power strongholds. Let’s start translating what we see in nature into our own societies.

This work was published in Kluid Magazine
Photography: Marie Weikopf 
Art direction and concept: Annabel Kleyweg
Styling: Maya Lu
Hair and make up: Claudia Fischer 
Johanna Oppermann (Seeds Models)
Charlotte Joerger-Emmendingen (Seeds Models)
Larissa Wehr (Deebeephunkagency)
Before 7am 
Hannes Kettritz 
Gina Melosi 
Love From Cyprus 


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